INSMA P1 Pro Portable Aluminum Foldable Height Adjustable Stand Heat Dissipation for Macbook Laptop Notebook 11.0 - 17.0 inch

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- Portable Laptop bracket with foldable technology, light weight, easy to carry.
- Suitable for any occasion: office, library, campus, outdoor or more.
- The height adjustment function is ergonomically designed. 
- The Laptop bracket can adjust different angles, help you relieve shoulder and waist pain, and ventilate design to      prevent equipment from overheating.
- Broad compatibility,compatible for Laptops which size are under 17inches.
- The surface of the bracket is covered with silicon protective stickers. It has anti-slip function and provides strong stability so that your equipment will not slip easily.


 Brand Name                   INSMA                                                                  
 Application  Laptop
 Type  for Laptop Holder Stand
 Material  ABS + Aluminum alloy + Silicone
 Foldable, Adjustable, Heat Dissipation
 Height adjustment range
 Maximum weight
 about 20KG
 Package Weight  about 270g
 Color  Black, White, Pink
 Package included
 1pc x Laptop Stand