Compatible with Apple, 8.3 Inch Tripod Live Stream Selfie LED Ring Light Fill Light With Phone Holder

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Note:Non-Apple branded products,Compatible with iPhone models

Power: 8W / 10W
Number of lamp beads: 56 / 80
Interface: 1/4 universal screw hole
Height:: bracket + 21cm lamp (8.3 inches)
Input: USB cable remote control
Number of files: 10 files dimming
Cable length: about 200 cm
Light color: white light, warm light (yellow), natural light (white and yellow mixed)
1. Special LED patch design, light and portable. Constant current drive, low power consumption.
2. No ultraviolet and infrared radiation, low heat output, safe and environmentally friendly.
3. The service life is up to 50,000 hours.
4.10 files dimming, more convenient and natural
5. Strengthen the elastic arm, which can move freely without sagging.
6. Extra long line and heavy thumb screw.
7. Widely used in outdoor photography lights, indoor filling lights, portraits, fashion, wedding art, advertising photography, shooting video and so on.
Package Included:
1 LED ring light (16 cm or 21 cm)
1 USB controller
2x mini tripod
1x phone clip